Box Truck

A straight truck delivery utilizes trucks equipped with boxes for hauling cargo in a shaded, fully protected environment. This shipment method is ideal for:

  • – Standard cargo
  • – Fast shipping
  • – Large loads of small items
  • – Fragile freight
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big powerful truck moves on highway

Dry Van

  • Affordability – Dry vans are readily available from a variety of carriers and don’t require service extras or special operation, making them one of the most affordable shipping options.
  • Protection – One of the biggest advantages of using a dry van truck to move your freight is the protection it provides. Because the equipment is enclosed on all sides, shipments are shielded from weather hazards like high winds, rain or direct heat.

Out of Town Delivery

Drivers are dispatched to your location in about an hour and deliveries are made as soon as practical within 12 hours.
Driver safety is important to us. Orders going over 300 miles may require an 8 hour rest break for the driver, or a two man team, so one can rest while the other drives.
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Any Questions?

If none of these answers solve your questions, contact us by call or email.

With an extensive customer service background, we know what it takes to not only move your freight, but to also bring in the right operators to meet client needs.

Because we value our clients, we have implemented A strong support system for our drivers. We are proud of our CSA record, and look for only responsible drivers that respect the client relationship.

We’ve gained a reputation as an industry-leading expediter in the automotive sector and have had years of experience delivering time sensitive shipments. Whether you’re delivering a single pallet or an entire truckload, we guarantee that your shipments will always arrive on time.

Here at J&D Logistics we never leave a customer hanging. There are plenty of options to choose from, but we are here to make it simple.

Yes! Our number one commitment is to the Safety of the General Public. Through hiring qualified and experienced employees, training and mentoring it is our plan to help create and maintain the safest and most conscientious drivers on the road. Our employees are our most reliable and trusted resource at J&D Logistics. Each employee is considered to be a valuable asset and a part of our TEAM. It is our vision to mentor, train and embrace each employee and create long term, loyal relationships that will allow all parties to succeed and grow.